What are the benefits of using ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium over other grades of titanium?

Implant-grade titanium is the most appropriate material available for surgical implants and can help piercings heal more quickly compared with other metals such as steel and lower grades of titanium. The composition of the titanium alloy used in ASTM F136 is tightly bound so that it cannot break down under the skin and release metal particles inside the body.

Although other grades of titanium, such as grade 23, do adhere to the EU Nickel Directive they are not as biocompatible as ASTM F 136 titanium and are not designed for long-term wear under the skin. The use of ASTM F 136 titanium ensures the greatest possible chance that a piercing will heal properly.

What are the consequences of using cheaper materials, such as 316L surgical steel?

Surgical steel is unsafe for use in initial piercing due to its high nickel content, which can cause complications for those with a sensitivity to nickel, as many as ten per cent of the population. Surgical steel is not as tightly bound as titanium, so that particles of the jewellery, including nickel, can bleed into the skin, which can lead to harm the longer the jewellery is worn.

It can also cause hypertrophic scarring (bumps), itchiness and excessive white cell build up around the site of old piercings.

According to the EU Nickel Directive it is illegal to use any jewellery in initial piercings with a nickel release rate of 0.2 micrograms per cm2 per week or less. Our jewellery is entirely free of nickel and made of materials approved for long-term use in the human body.

What are the benefits of using high quality gemstones over generic stones?

The shine of cheaper quality gems comes from a laying foil laid underneath a rhinestone to enhance its sparkle. They are easily scratched, become dull and colourless over time and, due to the use of glue to set them, often fall out completely.

A QualiTi use high-quality stones like swarovski crystals elements and semi-precious stones, carefully set using prong or bezel settings, to ensure the jewellery can be used continuously for many years.

What safety procedures do you follow?

We regularly take random sample of our jewellery for analysis at the Goldsmiths Assay Office in London. We regularly test our jewellery for its compliance with the highest international standards. We are happy to provide a copy of our most recent XRF certificate upon request.

Why do you stock both internally and externally threaded jewellery?

Although internally threaded jewellery has a variety of benefits, it is most common in the UK and Europe to use externally threaded jewellery. Most importantly, we recommend that everybody use appropriate metals to pierce with, regardless of whether you choose to use internally or externally threaded posts.

The difference between internally and externally threaded jewellery is in the attachment of the screw and the post: externally threaded attachments screw directly in to a post. When the post is pushed through a piercing hole, the indents of the screw can carry bacteria and damage cells which can lead to complications in the healing process. An internally threaded post has the screw on the inside which means a bar with a smooth surface enters the body and an attachment screws directly in to it, therefore can be a safer option.

How do I order QualiTi Body Jewellery?

At this time, our jewellery can only be purchased through this website with a wholesale account. To be eligible for an account you must be a body piercer working in a licensed shop. Either contact us or complete a sign up form. For excited retail customers you can find a range of our jewellery at, the official UK retailer for QualiTi Body Jewellery. Visit for news, features and apparel.

Can I resell QualiTi Body Jewellery online?

Absolutely. We have no issue with you reselling QualiTi Body Jewellery. We do not, however, give consent to rebranding of our products.

Where can I find piercers who use QualiTi Body Jewellery?

We will soon be launching an interactive map to help find your local stockist easier. Please email us on for more information on a stockist near you. 

How can you afford to sell jewellery at such reasonable prices?

Our product catalogue is specifically designed for piercers. We do not buy products made of non hypo-allergenic metals. We stock a limited range of jewellery suitable for initial piercing at a competitive price, enabling piercers to use implant-grade metal jewellery without having to pass the costs on to the customer.

My payment has failed what do I do??

Our servers can be very sensitive at times! So make sure you have entered the billing address correctly and it matches the address the bank card is registered to. Sometimes, your business cards may actually be registered to your home address so please enter these details when processing your order. If you fail our AVS checks your bank may retain the balance for between 3-7 days. Please be assured you have not been charged for this transaction.

Paying by Bank Transfer:

Please note all Bank Transfers must be paid within 7 days of placing your order. If your order is dispatched without payment you are legally required to make payment, or return and cover all return fees.

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