As a company, it is top priority for us to be able to give back to the community wherever possible. Whilst we do not sponsor charities directly, we have worked with the NHS to provide them with some amazingly fun days to celebrate times in which unfortunate children have not been able to do so in the way they deserve. 

As part of our Give Back to the community campaign, we continue to support the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in their hard efforts to help the children in our local area.

Our company director Lili, is a sufferer of a multitude of health conditions. Due to this, we have decided to begin work with individual cases to help Children in need where the NHS are unable to help. Please check back here often to see how our current campaign is going and how what we are able to do with your generous donations.

UPDATE: Emily has now reached her target! You have helped to raise £70.05 towards her total - not bad for 5p per donation!

 to the Chartwell Cancer Trust, supporting Tiger Ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Tiger Ward is a paediatric oncology shared care unit. They work closely with the Royal Marsden Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College Hospital, providing chemotherapy and supportive care to children and their families who are being treated for a cancer diagnosis.

Patients under their care have direct access to Tiger Ward 24/7 when they are unwell, and the ward is also on the end of the phone for support and advice whenever it is needed.

The hospital provides an inpatient facility for when children are unwell and need to stay in hospital and also run day case clinics for chemotherapy and other supportive procedures such as, blood transfusions, medical and dietetic reviews.

In addition to this, they also have a specialist Macmillan dietician who is dedicated for patients only on Tiger Ward, this is the first of this position in the country.

As you can imagine, life for these children is not like a 'usual' childhood. They spend long periods of time in hospital, missing out on school and socialising with their friends. They are often too unwell to take part in social events with their friends, and their reduced immune systems mean they would be at risk of further illness if they were to go out and play like healthy children. 

Our role in this is to support the fundraising efforts of Chartwell Cancer Trust, who aim to give these children fun activities and memorable events that they can take part in. We have funded ice cream parties, gaming parties, catered Halloween and Christmas parties, and put together activity packs for children on long term and overnight stays in the hospital. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for our specific fundraising goals!


To help this generous cause, our Halo Collection has an option to donate £0.05p per item bought towards the Tiger Ward fund. Who better than to create wishes than an Angel - wearing our Halo Collection of course! If you want to give a little more than 5p, there is also an option to make a one off donation via a 'donate' item within the Halo Collection. 

It's entirely optional and any money we do raise will be counted below on our fundraising thermometer until we reach our target.

£500 raised with our Advent Calendar! 
£25.50 raised via donations with Halo Collection Items, the Donation Item and profits from Halo T-Shirts.

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